Supercar Crash! 14 Supercars Accident in Japan: 8 Ferraris, 2 Lamborghinis and 2 Mercedes!

Is this the most expensive car accident ever? We are sure that this supercar crash can snatch the title. Watch this incredible Supercars Accident Review of 8 Ferraris, Lamborghini and 2 MercedesAccording to the Police the accident was cased by one if the Ferrari drivers who suddenly  tried to change lanes and as a results hit the median barrier. After the first car crashes the other cars collided while they were trying to avoid the accident.

These were literally a fleet of high performance sports cars. Even eight Ferraris are included in this astonishing multi million dollars supercar crash in Japan. Other cars that were included in this spectacular accident were 3 Mercedes Benz cars and a Lamborghini Diablo. What an immense supercar crash on the Chugoku Highway in Japan!

There were witnesses who reported that they heard a huge noise just moments before this most expensive supercar crash occurred in hazardous driving conditions. Most of the14 vehicles included in the crash were driving towards the Osaka Perfecture. But, at least one of the cars, Mercedes CL600 was driving in the opposite direction. In this most expensive crash a Japanese supercar was also included, The Nissan GTR Skyline.

Majority of this drivers were foreigners and car enthusiasts, and fortunately none of them had serious injuries. The only thing that will be seriously injured here will be their bills. Who knows how many millions of dollars all of these wrecked up cars worth. The most expensive scrap metal ever.

It is thought that the cause of the accident is because one of the drivers with a Ferrari hit the central barrier while trying to overtake in hazardous wet conditions, causing a chain reaction. However, that is not an official Police statement for this supercar crash. Do you feel sorry for these cars? We sure do! However, if one can afford these cars, he can afford fixing it as well!

Finally, because no one got hurt in this accident, we can relax with some funny car crashes in this link!