Old Sleeper Golf Leaves Lamborghini Huracan In The Dust!

When it comes to racing, there are some vehicles that you need to look out for, such as this sleeper Golf in the video. Sleeper means that it has been modified to drive insanely fast, but it still looks like a regular old car – people will try to sneak these into races to keep everyone on their toes and most of the time even though people expect them to be fast, they turn out vastly superior to other competing vehicles. In this case, this old VW Golf Mk.2 is set up against a Lamborghini Huracan, and while the Lambo driver seems confident enough, that confidence is quickly washed away, just as the starting signal is given!

Old Sleeper Golf Leaves Lamborghini Huracan 2

I`ll be you anything that the Lambo driver didn`t expect that! Anyway, the sleeper Golf flies out from its starting line, leaving a car a thousand times more expensive way behind it. It`s a full blown drag race and while the Lambo is naturally incredible and while you`d expect it to be much faster, the old Volkswagen takes off like a car possessed and wins the race with ease, while the guy inside the Lamborghini is still wondering what just happened.

This of course, poses the question – if you want to get a car for racing, why should you even waste all that money on a Lamborghini or a Ferrari? Just get an old car and put insanely powerful gear in it! While I don`t think that the comfort of a new car can be replaced, this is definitely a valid option.

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