Sleeper Audi RS4 Smokes a Porsche 911!

Sleeper Audi RS4 smokes a Porsche 911 on the highway!

As we all know there are many cars in the Audi lineup offering a lot of horsepower under the hood and pretty respectable handling department too. With an Audi like RS4 Wagon you can really hurt the feelings to some owners of Exotic cars as well as some tuned Imports or Blown Muscle Cars. The Audi RS4 comes with a stock V6 engine with 260HP with respectable mixture of very good fuel economy and performance.

However, according to the sound and performance of the RS4 featured in the video below, probably the factory bi-turbo was upgraded with a larger one, together with upgraded engine camshafts and maybe some racing exhaust system.

As you can see the Porsche driver tried to race on the pick up wagon right after he enters the highway. Then the driver of the RS4 press the pedal to the metal and passed the 911 with a relative ease. We guess the driver of the Porsche was left speechless in this situation with the real sleeper.

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