The Cheapest PORSCHE 911 Bought in the USA! $9.500 Only!

This guy bought the cheapest Porsche 911 bought in the USA with 243.000 miles on the odometer and for the price of $9.500 Only! The car survived every test he has done before he bought it, including a dyno run and a drag race run. He also took this car from Kansas to Florida and back for a 3,000 miles test drive and he was very satisfied with the results.

After he bought it he did some cosmetic changes for around $4,000…as new covers on the head lights, new rear spoiler black cover, recreation Fuchs wheels, black side stripes. Anyway, do you think this Porsche’s engine will be due for a full rebuild very soon? Some would say he might buy a Porsche Boxter but in my opinion the worst 911 is still much better than the best Porsche Boxster.

What do you think about this Porsche 911? Is it a good deal or not?

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