SUV Driver Jumps Over Open Florida Drawbridge! Smartphone Addict?

When you`re driving, you generally want to look at the road. When you don`t, things like this can happen. This driver was going about his way and just watching the GPS the entire time he was driving – he paid a high price though, as he didn`t see the drawbridge ramp going down right in front of him!

SUV Driver Jumps Over Open Florida Drawbridge 3

He trudges on, hits the ramp with the front of his SUV and jumps over this Florida drawbridge, “Dukes of Hazzard” style! If people do this on purpose, it tends to be an exciting experience, but for this guy it was just a mistake and sheer terror!

This Florida drawbridge was closed for five hours after repairmen had to replace the bridge arm that the SUV blew through. 29 year old James Monteno didn`t even realize that he was going towards a bridge, as he tinkered with his GPS, but boy was he in for a surprise!

He will, of course, be hearing from the police to pay for the damages, but a lot more money will go to repairing his busted SUV. This just goes to show, it`s always useful to keep your eyes on the road, no matter what kind of fancy tech you have in your car!

What do you think about this SUV driver? Have you ever seen another situation like this before?

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