INSANELY FAST Street Race Between GTR & LAMBO!

Hello my dear fellow Gearhead and Need for Speed aficionados! Today we have prepared one really fast street race video that will make 99% of the other street races you watch on a daily basis, look like cartoons! And this is neither a joke, nor exaggeration, but truly fast as hell race, right off the scale!

And the main roles in this awesome street race video are for (probably) the best, most attractive, `the most wanted` and fastest imports that are rolling on the streets of USA. Yes, I`m talking about the legendary Japanese rocket-sled, the Nissan GTR R35, the iconic `Philistine ultra-warrior, called Goliath`, and Underground Racing Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo that is boosting 1 800+ HP.

In order not to be a spoiler and ruin the beauty of the suspense that comes naturally when one is watching such an attractive and fast street race, I will only say that all that power does not necessarily guarantee a victory. Because, on the other side of the lane, there is the GTR, packing a V6 motor which is producing 1 600+ HP. And, we all know its legendary race potential, against any opponent. So I will only tell you that it is one hell of a great race, 210 mph, and very, very close one!

So watch the video and enjoy it all the way! And if you want more Lambo Vs GTR races, go to this link and check out another face-off between these two, only this time on the drag strip.