Insanely Fast ETS GTR – 7.49 SECONDS AT 189 MPH!

Watching a drag race or just a Quarter-Mile pass that is setting a new record is always very appealing and attractive for every Need for speed aficionado, especially if the car which is setting that record is someone`s favorite. Today we are going to show you a video clip that will be a real bullseye for all Nissan GTR R35 fans, as you are about to see the fastest GTR R35 example ever! So, it is not The Fastest ETS GTR and GTR Quarter-Mile world record, but this is the new record for the Nissan GTR R35 models.

To tell you the truth, I did not believe that we will be seeing another GTR R35 that will break down the AMS Alpha Omega Nissan GTR`s record of 7.70 seconds at 186 mph, but it happened. The model is Extreme Turbo Systems (ETS) Nissan GTR R35, a real rocket that broke the existing record for more than 0.20 seconds, which is really impressing. The new time is 7.49 seconds at 189 mph!

I guess this will be a real challenge for the AMS Alpha Omega team to create even faster GTR R35, and I have a strong gut feeling that by the end of this year we will be seeing another awesome and world record breaking Quarter-Mile pass, by another Nissan GTR

So check out the ETS GTR below and watch this rocket-sled and its performance yourself. And if you want to see the actual GTR world record, click here.