Nissan GTR 1000HP Babe with Aeromotions Wing in Action!

When it comes to one of the most desirable and fastest sports cars on the planet, I guess there is always something new that we can all learn about it. Whether it is about the new addition to its superb technology, or if it is some new and highly customized model that some Nissan GTR enthusiast has made it especially for himself, or some new component of the equipment, that makes it even more desirable and adds to its aerodynamic, just like in this case. What we have here is one awesome example of the Nissan GTR 1000HP babe, highly tuned and modified, with an engine that can give a total output to a 1 000 HP, of course.

But the reason why we are showing you this video clip is not its powerful engine, but that Aeromotions wing at the rear, which, according to the calculations by the experts, it gives the car two seconds off any two minutes lasting race lap. That is why so many Nissan GTR models from all over the world are using this Aeromotions wing, for a faster and better performance.

The following video will show you how this wing works and if by now, some of you thought that its function was only for aesthetic reasons, now you will see it is actually helping the car to achieve a better result on the track. So go ahead and check out the Nissan GTR 1000HP! And if you want to see other videos with other cars with Aeromotions wings, click here.