Nissan GTR R35 DRAG Racing Against A Ford MUSTANG! Must SEE!

I do not need to tell you something special in order to `convince` you or reveal what an awesome car is the legendary Japanese rocket-sled, the Nissan GTR R35, especially because we have so many chances to see it in all kinds of action. Drag racing, battling with time, breaking all kinds of records, drift-driving, you name it! So I think that it is completely understandable that when one decides to challenge some Nissan GTR specimen in a drag race, he should make sure that his ride is in a good shape. Today we are going to show you a Nissan GTR R35 drag racing video clip. Besides the Nissan, this video features a (probably) 1985 model of Ford Mustang at the Raceway Park.

We do not have the exact info about the cars, so I`m not really sure whether the “Stang is a 1985 model year, least of all what is under the hood, and how much horse and torque power there is. However, it is still a drag battle that deserves to be seen. But as you can probably guess, this was not one of the Ford Mustang`s finest moments or the best drag strip performances that we have seen. But if you are not a big time fan of the famous Ford brand, I think that you will really going to enjoy seeing the GTR R35 drag racing against the Mustang, as it crossed the finish line almost a whole second before the American muscle.

So check it out and if you feel like it, tell us what you think about it in the comment section below. And if you want to find out more about one of the fastest Nissan GTR models, the famous GTR Nismo GT3, click here.