True BATTLE OF THE TITANS! Nissan GTR R35 vs Supra!

Here is an R35 vs Supra drag battle video that will give the proper dose of excitement and thrill for every sports car fan, as you are about to see one of the best Japanese GT cars, facing each other in the so called Side by Side Roll Races at Pocono Raceway. There is the Toyota`s most popular model amongst the race car enthusiasts, the legendary Supra (unfortunately we do not know which year model). And of course, on the other side of the lane, there is another iconic Japanese rocket-sled, probably the most popular high performance car, the Nissan GTR.

And what can one expect when you have such an opponents in a direct face off, except exceptional and very tight race. And that is what we get. Both of this drag monsters, with a reputation for which I do not have to say anything special that you do not already know, are having a great race. Too bad that we do not have the specs and modifications that were made on these awesome sports cars, but we will `forgive` this on account of the great race.

As above mentioned, it is very tide race in which it turns out that the awesome GTR R35 once again proved to be number one sports car that has ever come out of the assembly line in Japan. Its Quarter-Mile time was 8.429 seconds, at 157 mph, and Supra`s, 8.683 seconds at 161 mph.

Just watch the R35 vs Supra video and tell me what you think about it, and if you want to learn something more about the Toyota Supra, check out this link.