The New 2018 Volkswagen Electric Campervan Is Awesome!

When you want to buy an electric campervan, you didn`t really have much choice up until recently, and you`re going to have a lot of choice in the following years!

New 2018 Volkswagen Electric Campervan 2

In 2018, Volkswagen is releasing their own campervan that is fully electric, with their batteries on the floor and two motors on both axels providing 275 kW. The van has a range of 270 miles with absolutely no route restrictions, meaning you could take this state of the art technology up into the mountains and just live on it there. It`s fully electric and it has all wheel drive so it won`t be a problem to drive it anywhere, and when you get there it also won`t be a problem to live in it since it has everything you could possibly need!

This electric campervan has one very special new technology – a bunch of integrated lasers which are used as anti-accident measures. Volkswagen says they want to eliminate car accidents and this might be a big step ahead. You could drive the ID Buzz (the name of the campervan!) manually or you can drive it fully automated, whichever you prefer. It also has intuitive voice control which you can use whenever you feel like it.

Also, the ID Buzz is charged wirelessly and automatically, when you pull up into a charging spot. This van is so awesome it`s even connected to the entire digital world including all the gadgets for your own personal lifestyle. This electric campervan is another symbol of Volkswagen`s superior technology and it`s a really great idea – I want to go in the mountains with it!

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