This New Loopwheels Concept Will Revolutionize The Wheels Technology!

Loopwheels is a company that creates shock-absorbent wheels for bikes, trikes and wheelchairs. They have eliminated the concept of spokes from their mode of operation and they now create wheels with integrated suspension, based on complex mathematical concepts that suggest this type of wheel is a much more efficient form of wheel. This is because these wheels absorb more shock, react better to bumps and holes in the road and are all around easier to drive. Also, you don`t even have to worry about spokes – the entire internal wheel part is made out of durable, heavy-duty material which can withstand just about anything!

The wheels that Loopwheels produces can be used on anything that has wheels by itself – just take off the old wheel by that rod in the center and slap on these new and more balanced wheels in the same place. The result will be mesmerizing! Riding will be easier, smoother and more balanced, but you will also look much cooler since these wheels look like they`re from the future. Well, the future is now and it is the Loopwheels. If you want to be the envy of all your friends, getting a bike with this type of wheels is sure to do the trick!

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