This Cummins Powered Diesel Jeep Drives 12-Feet Underwater!

There are many off-road enthusiasts out there who really do wonder with their favorite vehicles. There are absolutely no limits to what they can accomplish in order to defeat the elements. However, in this one, the goal is not to defeat one aspect of nature, but all of them. Yeah, we are really talking about some next level stuff in this one. The question is can a Jeep drive 12-feet underwater through a pond? This question has been answered for you by the gearheads behind Motor Trend when they put a Cummins powered diesel Jeep to one extremely challenging task.

There are many off-road enthusiasts who have submerged their vehicles for a second in order to drive through some difficult terrain. However, we haven`t seen anyone driving 12-feet underwater without getting air. In such a scenario, there is one downside that Jeeps have and that is lack of power. Nevertheless, this one has a mighty Cummins engine lurking under the hood that makes this ride ready to roll. Well, almost. They still have to think hard about how to roll across a pond while being fully submerged. The first attempt doesn`t go as planned as the Jeep gets stumped. However, after several tries they finally manage to achieve their goal with this spectacular Cummins powered diesel Jeep.

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