Monstrous Russian Powerful ATV Tearing Across ICE & WATER!

Remember the Lada Niva? That vehicle was far from the most beautiful SUV ever created but it sure was very reliable. It`s known for its endurance and ability to drive on very treacherous terrains. We have also written about a very powerful ATV vehicle that comes from Russia and goes by the name of Avtoros Shaman. This vehicle is an eight-wheel drive monster that proved all-terrain vehicles don`t necessarily have to feature tracks. So, when you take into consideration all of these powerful terrain vehicles that the Russians made, there is no doubt they will continue to design such reliable vehicles.

One of the reasons the Russians are so good at designing such vehicles is maybe Russia`s sprawling expanse. From the humid subtropics in the south to the Arctic tundra in the north, the Russians need a vehicle they can depend on. In this video we have stumbled upon one new monstrous powerful vehicle that just doesn`t care on what terrain it drives on. It`s an armored beast that can be seen tearing through the ice like it`s just a walk in the park. Unfortunately, we don`t know the precise model name of this Powerful ATV. Maybe it`s not even out there yet and it`s just a prototype. Watch the video below and enjoy!

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