The Power Of LADA NIVA! Extreme Climbing Big Stairs Without Any Problems!

The Lada has its origins in the 1960`s with the joint venture between Italy and the Soviet Union. The strong but cheap cars were exported around the world. Only in UK, 33.000 examples were sold a year, from 1974 to 1997. However, lack of investment meant that the aging range could not meet the new EU emission standards. Nevertheless, the Lada Niva is made to take on the roughest of roads. A proof of that can be found in this extreme car climb video. You can laugh at Lada cars all day long if you wish, but the Niva sure can climb.

Something else very interesting about the Lada Niva is that it was the first ever mass production off-road SUV to feature an independent front suspension and unibody architecture. The Soviet`s really made a durable vehicle with this one. The Lada Niva here can be seen climbing many difficult stairs without having any problems whatsoever. That truly is impressive. The suspension is having none of the stress during this car climb. In fact, it looks like it`s enjoying this very difficult journey. It`s having a small problem at the end, but nothing too major for the Niva to overcome. Check it out for yourselves in the video below.

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