The Bronco Is Back, Will Be Made In Michigan! See The Concept By Bronco6G Regarding The Ford Bronco SUV New Aesthetics!

We know very well that Ford is laying out a brand new SUV strategy. We also know that a brand new Ford Bronco SUV will be a part of it. However, what we are very curious about is the Bronco`s aesthetics. A forum named Bronco6G brought up a very nice suggestion regarding the vehicle`s looks. The design is consisted of a combination between the Bronco`s historically rough looks with hints from the 2004 Ford`s concept and the manufacturer`s contemporaneous design language. Bronco6G has announced that their concept includes a modern body-on-frame next-gen Bronco that preserves a tough, tall, no-frills, boxy design.

This concept has a strong focus on efficiency and off-road capabilities. No doubt, their suggestion on the Ford Bronco SUV looks is impressing. We also think that most Bronco fans will meet this concept with praise. It really seems like the right direction for the model`s future. However, there is a possibility that Ford could shun the retro looks in order to make it more suitable with its present lineup. The new Bronco will be manufactured at Ford`s Michigan Assembly Plant. Clearly there is a great support for it. Check out the video below and tell us what you think. How do you find the concept by Bronco6G?

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