The Brand New SUV LAMBO URUS Has Been Spotted on the Road! The Raging Bull SUV Is In Town!

Lamborghini started off as a company manufacturing tractors. But as time went by they have grown into a super luxurious car manufacturer! They are best known for their Gallardo, Aventador and Murcielago super cars. However, they announced that in 2017 they will release their very first Lambo SUV! And when it was first shown to the public it brought an enormous hype to all the gearheads. Because an SUV Lambo is not something you can hear every day! And when the concept was released back in 2012 it made the Porsche Cayenne look a bit lame! And you`ll be able to see the Lambo SUV that is called Urus right here in this video!

Urus may sound like a strange name but it makes perfect sense! The Urus which is also known as aurochs is actually a very powerful bull! A bull that scientists believe it went extinct around 1627. These bulls were massive! They weighed around 1,500 pounds and were from 61 to 71 inches tall! So, this makes the name more than appropriate for the first ever SUV Lambo! But enough of Animal Planet, let`s talk cars!

Some information lead that the Urus will be powered by a twin 4.0 L V8 engine delivering astounding 600HP and 700 lb-ft! But there are some other rumors as well which are saying that the Urus will have a V10 5.2 L engine producing 590HP! It remains to be seen which one of these engines will find its way under Urus` hood though. Anyway, both of them with around 600HP are fantastic! The Urus` transmission most probably will be a dual clutch automatic. And reportedly the top speed will be around 205 mph! Also, the first SUV Lambo will come with an improved traction system!
Enjoy the Lamborghini Urus cruising in this video and give us your thoughts.

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