Donald Trump Lamborghini Aventador! The “Trumpventador” Is Making America Great Again!

Donald Trump Lamborghini 4
Presidential elections are getting closer every day. However, Donald Trump has one certain ballot! This Lamborghini owner definitely knows who to vote president! His “Trumpism” went so far that he turned a $400,000 car into moving advertisement! We are talking about a Donald Trump Lamborghini Aventador! The car is actually made for the GoldRush Rally! It will surprise many, right? Yes, that’s for sure!

Donald Trump Lamborghini 2

The car is wrapped in the colors of USA and has a huge image of Donald Trump on the hood! The Donald Trump Lamborghini Aventador was made by Superior Automotive Design! What do you think about the Trumpventador? Any chance for you to have something like this? Check out the gallery below and tell us what you think.