Talking about not seeing stuff every day, you probably don`t see a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster every day. And even if you see one, it`s probably not off-roading, right?! One might ask: “Why would you go off-road riding with a Lambo? Not only is it nonsense, it will probably ruin that fine ride!” And you`re right, but some people obviously have more money for their own good as they do stunts like this one! Anyway, someone tried to pull it off and the video will show you exactly how it went!

We must admit that it really is a treat for the eyes watching that high powered machine as it goes through that sand and blows it away! Many fans of the car are furious with this man since it represents they`re favorite car and seeing it off-roading hurts them as if it were their own! When you think about it, you see where their concern comes from! And as for the owner and driver, he did show amazing skills but will he show amazing skills when it comes to cleaning the sand from the car?! It remains to be seen. Cheers!

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