Hello my dear off-road rides fans and enthusiasts. Today we have prepared for you a very special video clip that will show you probably the most unique off-road vehicle that is available for any civilian. I`m saying civilian, because as you could have read in the title, this is not just any other off-road vehicle, equipped with state of the art gadgets, huge rims and wheels, gigantic and extremely powerful suspension, and so on. This really is a highly sophisticated tank, which I`m sure most of you would love to have it, and will start fantasizing about it from the very moment you stop watching the video clip. It is named RIPSAW EV2 SUPER TANK, and it is the very first consumer based super tank, or a luxury and high performance dual tracked off-road vehicle, for which there probably isn`t something that could be called an obstacle.

It can ride and go through mud, desert sand, snow, ice…it is simply a super-vehicle that was meant for every possible and imaginable terrain. It leaves only 3 pounds of ground pressure per square inch, and it has totally unprecedented traction for its weight.

But you better have a look at the video below and see the Ripsaw in action yourself, and you will see what I`m talking about. There is also a moment when you`ll see a comparison with a highly powerful Chevy Silverado pickup truck, so that it would become clear literally to anyone just how powerful this luxury tank is.

So check out the RIPSAW EV2 SUPER TANK video and enjoy it! And if you want to see more of it, like, how it is performing in the snow and ice, go to this link.