I have got to say it right from the start, that out of the great number of ordinary and extraordinary 4×4 and off-road vehicles that I have seen, doing really impressive stuff, the following example called Chainlink Extreme 4×4 is the very best, and even beyond the imagination. This awesome Cams hydraulic Chain-drive 4×4 goes in places where the others, regular vehicles of this type would never even think nor dare to venture. I know that it may sound a little bit like an exaggeration, but it is far from it, and in just a few moments you will see it for yourself!

Thanks to the developed system of even 7 feet of both up and down motions to each tire, this ultimate off-road vehicle can cross obstacles that are literally impossible for most (if not all) of the other off-road warriors. It is powered by a 5.0 liter Ford V8 engine, taken from a 1993 Cobra Mustang, mated to a C4 transmission from an early model of Ford Bronco, and with an ARB air locker mounted in the center, right below the driver, it runs chain gears at the place where it is the swinging arms pivot.

The CHAINLINK EXTREME really is a unique custom built off-road vehicle, and as above mentioned, it can do things like no other. But talking about it really won`t do you any good in order to get the real image of its capability, so just take a look at the following video clip and see this totally awesome ride yourself!

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