FANTASTIC $475 000 RV – XV LTS F 550 Spotted At CARS & COFFEE!

A great thing about Cars & Coffee is that you can go there, have a great coffee and observe AMAZING CARS! For example, in this video you will have the chance to see the best ever OFF-ROAD RV – the XV LTS F 550! This one is made by a Colorado Company called Earth Roamer! What they do, is they build these CRAZY expedition vehicles such as this one! So, let`s check it out, shall we? With this vehicle, you can go all over the WORLD off-road, and still being as comfortable as possible! With the air suspension you can adjust the ground clearance. From the bottom end to the ground it`s about 7-10 INCHES, whereas the HIGHEST SPOT is almost 25 INCHES! On the contrary, the MOTOR hiding underneath the hood is the newest POWER STROKE 6.7 which is AMAZING we must say!

However, since this is an RV, it`s what`s INSIDE that matter! And the inside is very nice. We have a full kitchen, cook top, wine storage and it`s all running on SOLAR ENERGY! Comfort was not forgotten as well! There are POWER COUCHES – two couches that can FOLD into one and make a whole new fluffy BED! No wonder why the XV LTS F 550 is worth $475 000! Take a look at it and enjoy our video!

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