DUBAI BIG WILD CATS! Abundant & Eccentric Lifestyle of the Ultra-Rich!

We all know that for years and decades, Dubai is The place on this planet where abundance and extremely rich lifestyle is something that can not be compared with any other spot in the world. Skyscrapers that are reaching for the hands of heaven, cars, boats and exotic animals that costs millions and billions of dollars. It is a city where the wealthiest men and women are gathering to show off and display their fortunes and eccentric lifestyle. Check the big wild cats and cars photo gallery!

And I do not know if you are familiar with that fact that its development started sometime in the 1970s and by the end of the 20th century it already become the center for the trade in the middle east. Today it is the second largest emirate in the United Arab Emirates, after the capitol, Abu Dhabi.

It seems that fortune favors this city and the entire country, full with oil, trade and incredible landscapes – some created by the nature, others from the hand of wealthy sheiks who own most of it. On the streets of Dubai you will see golden SUVs, Lamborghinis and limousines that worth millions, garbage cans of gold, tigers being driven in exotic vehicles. Hey, even the cops here are driving Lamborghini, Corvette and Ferrari! Just look at the big wild cats pictures and everything will become clear.


However, read this if you are interested in the wild cats status!

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