John Deere 9560R & John Deere 9530 Tractors At Work! These Would Be Perfect For Cultivating A Lot Of Land!

If agriculture is how you make a living, than this video will certainly interest you! We decided to share a video of some really nice tractors doing their thing! A John Deere 9560R tractor and a 9530 tractor of the same brand are the stars of this video. They are shown pulling a massive cultivator on a field southwest of Elburn in Illinois. The field is getting prepared for corn planting. The 560 horsepower John Deere 9560R and the John Deere 9530 seem like the perfect candidates for this job!

Their massive size ensures that the field will be cultivated in a relatively short time. Both of these tractors in the video are pulling yet another John Deere product, the 2210 field cultivator! It should come to no surprise though, as this corporation is a massive manufacturer of anything that is related to agriculture. Furthermore, it is also a part of the Fortune 500 ground, the ranking for the largest American corporations by fiscal revenue.

The John Deere 9560R is one of this company`s finest products. With the 560 horsepower, the hitch-lift capacity of up to a staggering 20,000lb, this behemoth will make sure you get your job done faster than ever! The smaller John Deere 9530, although not as powerful, still has a lot of potential.

This four wheeled drive tractor has a 475 horsepower engine and a hitch-lift capacity of 15,300lb. Having these two in your garage must be great for your fields! Thanks to the quality they offer, we are certain that field will be cultivated in time with no problems at all! We will leave it to you to decide whether or not these tractors are good enough for you! Make sure you press that play button on the video below and enjoy!

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