Towing a JOHN DEERE 2045 That is Stuck In The MUD! Will He PULL OUT?

Every now and then we take a little trip to Europe for some new cool and interesting videos for you guys! Right now we would like to take you to the Scandinavia in the beautiful land of Sweden in order to show you how those people handle stuff! More precisely, take a look at a John Deere 2045 tractor that is stuck in the mud and desperately needs help! We don`t know how the driver of this beautiful tractor managed to get in this situation, but luckily for him, help arrived to aid him! However, the whole rescue process proved to be much trickier than we`ve imagined! The tractor has almost zero traction and it can`t move even a few feet! Getting a tractor with a plow attached to it is a much harder task than it looks!

Even though the John Deere 2045 is well-known for its strength and endurance, his huge and strong tires failed this time! Sadly, this tractor driver found himself helpless covered in mud on an almost empty field! To make things even worse, the tractor still has a plow attached which makes it heavier to pull! The fact that it is too heavy made, the tractor almost got to do a wheelie! However, the plow behind should be more of a help since it is made to be hauled around and not to do damage! Anyway, the day was saved, do not worry. John Deere got out of trouble and it is now driving around the field all happy and joyful! We hope it will never be in such a mess again! We are also confident that the driver learned his lesson, and that he will never try plowing a muddy field again! Watch the video of his mishap and learn from his mistake!

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