772HP 1970 Dodge Challenger With HUGE REAR TIRES!

There are powerful and mean looking muscle cars out there, and there are actually terrifying looking ones that are not just for anyone. With the will and desire to create as much as possible more impressive appearance to their muscle monsters, some guys can really go over the top and get completely carried away, like the one that you are about to see in the video below. One example of great looking and very powerful 1970 Dodge Challenger, but with such a huge rear tires, that I`m not even sure that they are actually street-legal!

The video of this true specimen of an American muscle car legend is coming from the Finish YouTuber Jamboolio, and it is one real Mopar monster with a big 528 stoker motor under the hood, and a 8-71 supercharger on the top and with one brutally bad and huge rear tires. The total output of the engine is 772 HP and 767 pound feet of torque.

Taking into an account that the 1970 Dodge Challenger is also fitted with racing seats and a roll cage, it is clear that its main purpose is for the track, but is it actually street-legal?! There is no info about the real size of the tires, but these monsters look like they are at least 24″, if not even more. Check it out and tell us what you think about it!