CAN HE PULL OUT??? RC Semi Truck 6X6 BEAST Got Stuck In Mud? Full HD (1080p)

CAN HE PULL OUT??? RC Semi Truck  6X6 BEAST Got Stuck In Mud? No worries! This is easy for the incredible “HD OVERKiLL“, also known as “ THE JUGGERNAUT“! These are the names for the star of this video, an amazing RC semi truck 6×6 that is driving through a muddy slope! Watching this video is like a childhood memory! Many of us grew up with all kinds of toy cars and trucks! Whenever we played with them, we would “movies” in our heads, where the lead character and hero is our toy car! With this thought in mind, someone actually decided to try and make that thought into a video! We must say, this is better than anything we have ever imagined when we were toddlers! Watching this video will definitely remind you of your younger days!

Check out this amazing performance of this RC semi truck! We were almost convinced this is a real big truck! Nice job from the man behind the camera! The thing is that this is not a real truck! It doesn`t make this video any less amazing though. With a setting like this one, even a remotely controlled vehicle can be used for making a magnificent footage! The creator of this particular RC semi truck made sure to create his little vehicle as good as it can get! HD OVERKiLL weighs about 21 pounds and needs 3 Gensace Lipo batteries in order to move around! Furthermore, it utilizes a 6wd, has Evo Predator tracks and 4 Roc 412 Tekin motors! According to the creator of this little beast, the cost for making “THE JUGGERNAUT” RC semi truck was about $6000! Quite a lot for such a small RC vehicle we must say. Nonetheless, the one of a kind “HD OVERKiLL“ is a masterful creation. We really enjoyed watching it conquering the muddy slopes, and we hope you will enjoy it as well.

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Enjoy the video below!

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