JOHN DEERE Small Tractor Did WELL But It Needed More Weight!

Ever since primeval times, cultivating the soil has been the primary way to produce food. The way people provide food on the table hasn`t changed much over the centuries, meaning that the soil remained number one source of food. However, the way people cultivate the soil has drastically changed. It all began as a hard labor work, but nowadays the agriculture has become easier with the help of mechanization. This John Deere small tractor displays the aid of machines.

Sadly, the developing countries use less mechanization than the developed countries, but they are working their way through. Nevertheless, the following video is going to show you how agricultural things are going in America! More precisely, in La Sueur, Minnesota! Of course, you don`t have to take this statement of ours seriously. Not this time.

Anyway, you are about to watch a John Deere small tractor doing what is supposed to do – ploughing! This particular tractor is powerful enough to finish the job, however, according to what we saw in the video, we think that it needs more weight! But on the second thought, it might lack traction. Apparently, we have a dilemma. Could you help us?

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