Our most loyal readers know that we try to cover everything we can in the automotive world, from small RC vehicles to huge car shows! And when it comes to car shows, we have visited some of them, especially this year and last year as well. Last year, we were mostly concentrated in Europe, where we visited the 2014 Paris Motor Show and the 2014 Essen Motor Show. In 2015, we visited 3 major events, 2 in America and 1 in Europe. More precisely, 2015 SEMA Show, 2015 Miami International Auto Show and 2015 Geneva Motor Show on the other side of the pond. Nevertheless, the vehicle you are about to see has something to do with the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. Namely, it debuted right there! Without further ado, it is a word of an automobile made by James Bond`s favorite automobile brand! This is the 2016 ASTON MARTIN VULCAN (one of only 24 in the World)! We have already written several articles regarding the Vulcan, so you- might wonder why again? Well, this time you are going to see the Aston Martin Vulcan in action for the first time in America! However, we don`t want to give you high hopes, but this driver is responsible. For now.

At last, visit this link to read the complete review on the 2016 Aston Martin Vulcan!