JAPAN Does CRAZY DRIFTS With EVERYTHING – Even With Its Specially Built Japanese RC CARS!!! TOO AWESOME To MISS IT!!!

Remember how popular those Fast and Furious toy cars were? Especially in the early 2000`s, kids would beg their parents, cry out loud just to make them buy them a “Fast and Furious” car! The goal is to collect them all! Thus, of you had Brian`s Nissan Skyline, now you have to focus on Dominic`s Charger!!! After purchasing those two, you could give yourself in collecting Suki`s ride, Orange Julius` and so on, and so on… This is why we are sharing this amazing video of the Japanese RC cars DRIFTING on a race track! Leave it to the Japanese to come up with something incredible! This fever went BIG, because the movie was so popular and the cars were actually with good quality, so even adults that were fans of this movie collected these rare pieces!

Similar thing is happening in Japan, just with a little more improved technology – Japanese RC DRIFT CARS are a huge hit nowadays in Japan, and after watching this video, we know why! This is actually what they call – FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!All you have to do is to simply set up the race track, and drift! It is so awesome how the cars can slide on your carpet and make it all look so realistic!!! To be honest, at the very start, we thought that this is a video of real cars drifting! It wasn`t until the moment where the people are shown that we realized that these are actually RC cars! Every single one of the cars is incredibly detailed.

Check out the video and be amazed! Cheers!

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