GO Behind The Scenes Of The EPIC 12 000 FEET C-130 DROP SCENE In FURIOUS 7!!! CANNOT WAIT For 3rd April!

Lots of people are asking these days, just a couple of weeks before the premiere of the FURIOUS 7 movie, is that scene from the film where they drop the cars from the plane actually real? We got the answer to that!!! Here it is Gearheads! The BRAND NEW behind the scenes video, of what we can call the best scene, from the FURIOUS 7 movie! You have a unique opportunity to get a first-hand information from the STUNT COORDINATORS, the AERIAL CAMERA FLYERS, and the PILOTS about the task they had – to create this mind-blowing scene! It looks GREAT on the big screen but frankly, the making of video is even better! With this scene the crew is pushing the boundaries of normal! That`s why Roman has every right to freak out! To put it simply, filming the C-130 drop scene was hard and arduous work, but in the end, it was completely worth it! 

The final result was one of the best scenes in the whole Fast and Furious movie franchise! Furthermore, the SKY DIVERS describe their job, what they had to do, how they had to react in the air around the cars to record the perfect shots. That is AMAZING! Also the co-pilot explains his part of the task where they had to drop the cars from 12000 feet in the air without hurting anyone on the ground. Supremely done! We have to applaud the crew on their dedication! The filming of the C-130 drop scene must have been a huge challenge, but it was done and we are really glad that something like this will be in Furious 7! And now, as Don says: “LET`S GET TO WORK”!!!

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