NEW Furious 7 Extended TRAILER With Vin Diesel Quotes!

There is no doubt that Hollywood loves teasing us with more and more interesting parts of the new Fast & Furious movie, but we should not complain about that, as that way our curiosity for the seventh sequel of the best car movie franchise is being let`s say, a little bit satisfied. However, 3rd April is the date when we will have the full package of the fabulous movie that will surely be one of the best ever and will make huge success on every top list out there. That`s less than a month, so till then we have the opportunity to please ourselves by watching the several trailers that have appeared this period over and over again. For now, we give you the Furious 7 extended trailer!

The last one that has come up these days shows up the details of a scene that has a pretty high potential to become a legendary one in the movie industry. In the Furious 7 extended trailer bellow, you will have the chance to see Vin Diesel`s and Paul Walker`s crew doing a dangerous jump off of a plane while sitting in their mighty cars. The crew is once again in front of a very difficult mission where the adventure will be fulfilled with remarkable quotes and beastly looking vehicle. As the saying of Vin Diesel goes –”This time it ain`t just about being fast” – we must prepare ourselves to witness something extraordinary in our favorite franchise this April. Assure in this statement by watching the brand new extended trailer.

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