RC Drift Championship in Korea! The Best RC Show on Earth Ever!

I guess it really is true when they say that the best tech stuff is coming from Japan and Korea, as well as the sickest and most fun ways one can think or imagine to have a good time. The video that you are about to see is something like you either never seen before, or did see something alike, but very few times in your life. Nissan Skyline GT-R R34, R35, Scion FR-S, BMW, Mercedes, Ford Mustang…all the best cars are there, on probably The best track ever built and constructed for the purposes of RC Drift contest.

The Best Show on Earth Ever RC Drift Championship in Korea MUST SEE 6

It is amazing how this contest works! People from all over the country are gathered for this event! RC Drift enthusiasts came with their RC cars and are ready to do their best to win the championship! The way that those DR Drift cars are moved is truly fascinating! If a different camera was used and shot from a further distance, you would think that those are real cars with real drifters behind the wheels! Truly amazing RC Drift contest in Korea!

Road curves, hill climbing, fans cheering, beautiful girls, city street lights, pedestrians, it is all set for these little replicas to start doing their thing – it is the Korean RC Street Drift Challenge 3R, that was held three years ago, on September 24, 2011.

To tell you the truth, I`m wondering how come we have not found this video much earlier, but, as the saying goes, better late than never.

Thus, only for your pleasure, we have prepared the video of the amazing sick cars RC Drift Championship. But enough of words, just watch the video and enjoy the next four minutes.

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