Ultimately Precise Lexus RC Drifting and Cool Stunts!

One could think that the remote controlled cars in drifting action is not such a big deal compared with the real life drifting, with real cars of course. But after you will be done watching this hypnotic two minutes of Play Time`s video clip with RC drifting with the awesome Lexus RC model, I can guarantee that even the biggest skeptics will change their mind.

Those of you who are familiar with the famous car manufacturer Lexus, are aware that this automaker is very well known for their utterly précised controlled vehicles, and as we are about to see now, they are just as good in that area with their RC cars as well. It is a video from the Drift 44, who are once again living up to their name and reputation, giving us one perfectly recorded clip, with some awesome drifts and stunts, with this 1 to 10 scale RC model of Lexus. The viewer is having an impression that he is watching a full-size car, doing these amazingly precise drifts, until the moment when we see a matchstick, that gives us a real point of view about the size of this cool vehicle.

So, regardless of whether you are a fan of RC cars or not, I think that you will really enjoy this RC drifting clip for sure. And if you want to find out more about the RC lineup of Lexus vehicles, check out this link.