Take a Moment To See The LEXUS LS 600HL VIP Style!

The VIP style is constantly growing and flourishing, so there isn`t an automotive event that lacks a VIP style vehicle. The 2011 Lexus LS 600hL is also a VIP style vehicle painted in Macademia Metallic. It was built by Guy De Alwis. The thing is that this is very sophisticated VIP style vehicle.



Guy brought changes in the style. He decided to put a big front wheels and even bigger rear wheels. He also replaced the brakes; he installed brakes with 6 pistons, while Universal Air took care of the air suspension. The Lexus LS 600HL features a V8 hybrid engine which helps the owner to save money when talking about fuel expenses. The interior and exterior have very good design of the lights made by VLEDS. Even though the first impression of the interior might be that it is overstocked, it is not true and there are several details that make this interior look extremely classy. Since we mention Lexus, you can imagine how comfortable and opulent the interior is. The passengers have their own volume controls, LCD display controls etc.

All in all, we are talking about smart and beautiful car. Simply VIP!

Finally, check out the Lexus LS India launch! 

Enjoy the video below!



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