Ready For A The VULCAN ASTON MARTIN Eruption @ Geneva?

Take a look at this supercar designed just for the racing track. But before going out at the track it has to make a stop here at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. The Vulcan Aston Martin is powered by the mighty 7.0 liter V-12 engine delivering more than 800 HP, and it has Xtrac six speed transmission. Also, it is a rear wheel drive vehicle.

Overall this car is created to parry Ferrari`s XX vehicles and the P1 GTR by McLaren. Like its opponents, the Aston Martin Vulcan wants to make sure that the owner can make the most of it therefore it comes with a driver development program. Moreover, the Vulcan Aston Martin offers dynamic performance adjustments that can be set up according to the driver`s skills. Every element on this car looks perfect, when you see it for the first time, and there is carbon fiber wherever possible.

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