Exclusive Behind The Scenes Video Of The Aston Martin DB10 In Spectre!

The whole World is excited for the new James Bond movie – Spectre! We Gearheads, on the other hand, watch every movie from a different angle! We might not be there for the shooting and all the action, but there is definitely no car that can escape from our trained eye! Thus, we all love James Bond for his ASTON MARTIN! In the movie Spectre, the Aston Martin plays a great role, just like in every Bond movie so far! And now, we have the chance to see some exclusive videos that probably leaked from somewhere! The video below shows James Bond in his Aston Martin DB10 in a RUNAWAY SCENE!!!

As we all know, runaway scenes are always the best ones! The car tricks and skills are best shown in those particular scenes! We always wish if we could see those scenes in a more realistic way, so, here is our chance!!! Firstly, get ready to see several attempts of James Bond as he tries to escape from Blenheim Palace and lose the “bad guys”! It is a real feast for the Gearhead eye to see this the Aston Martin DB10 powered by 4.7L V8 as it drives madly on the streets! Enjoy!!!

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