007 Movie “Spectre” Will Feature The Jaguar C X75 Concept!

We are all fans of the movies about the one and only 007 agent James Bond, and the parts that we love the most about this franchise are of course, the astonishing car models. So far, the sequels have been marked with fascinating Aston Martin models, but according to our source the new movie will change the British agent`s taste of cars. Reportedly, the new 007 movie “Spectre” is going to be fulfilled with chase scenes where the main roles will be held by the Jaguar c X75 concept and the new Range Rover Sport SVR.

However, James Bond`s love for the brand Aston Martin will still not be ignored and in the new movie we will have the opportunity to see our favorite action hero driving the new Aston Martin DB10.

So far, the scenes with the Land Rovers have already been shot in Austria, but there is still work to do. The final result will be seen this November, and to be honest, we cannot wait to watch the new unforgettable actions that only Bond can bring along. Jaguar C X75 Concept, Range Rover Sport SVR and Aston Martin DB10! What more can a man want?

To see the 2015 Aston Martin DB10, play the video bellow.

Anyway, read some fun facts about the movie!