Dodge Charger vs Bullitt Mustang: CAR CHASE SCENE That Never Gets Old! Check This NEW Tribute Version From Silverstone Classic!

Although we have said many times that the Fast and Furious movie franchise is our favorite, this doesn`t mean that we don`t like others! Today, we decided to treat you with a homage of the classic “Bullitt“. The homage was made by Silverstone Classic, and we must admit that it is astonishing! Check out this amazing tribute version of the famous Steve McQueen “Bullitt” chase scene on the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit. The `68 Charger with its hubcaps looks awesome, while the dark green Mustang made this movie legendary. Mustang fans love this car chase scene and of course support this remake. In fact, you don`t have to be a Mustang fan in order to appreciate the original movie and this tribute video. A classic is a classic. In addition, remakes like this just confirm the great influence the movie has. As a matter of fact, this iconic movie won an Academy Award, and was selected for preservation because of its significance!

Furthermore, the car chase that is remade here is regarded as one most influential ever. Moreover, this homage footage is so popular and successful because the creators have paid attention to every single detail. Especially the green beetle! The whole Internet went nuts, positively of course, when the beetle appeared in this video. Once again, that just shows the greatness of the original classic. We applaud Silverstone Classic for their attention to details. They decided to reenact this scene in celebration to the 50th anniversary of one of the cars in the movie, the Ford Mustang.  “Bullitt“ is definitely one of those movies that deserve a proper tribute, and this tribute is certainly a great one! Even after all these years, the 1968 Dodge Charger and Ford Mustang chase is amazing. It would have been great to add to Volkswagen Beetle in the race, just for fun!

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