EARGASM: 1968 Dodge Charger Car at the SEMA Show Owned By Johan Eriksson! What A Beast!

Every year, the Sema Show definitely has a lot to offer! And we are back yet again with something extraordinary from that show. A video of one American muscle car on display that will absolutely rock your world! The owner is a Swedish car builder called Johan Eriksson. And he made this car to be similar to the car of an older Norwegian film called Flåklypa Grand Prix. It is not a known film here in the States but it`s a cult classic in Scandinavia. The car that you are about to bask upon is a very beautiful 1968 Dodge Charger car! And it is a car with a monstrous roar!

Johan Eriksson with his crew wanted to make some usual updates first. Updates like an improved stereo and sturdy wheels. But oh boy, that project fully derailed along the way! As we said, this was supposed to be a quick project. However, Eriksson with his crew ended up years designing details both in aesthetics and mechanically! They managed to turn out their 1968 Dodge Charger car into a real piece of art machinery! Both inside and out!

We told you that you are going to experience a real eargasm and we weren`t fooling! Eriksson`s 1968 Dodge Charger car has a monstrous engine! The Dodge Charger 1968 is fitted with a Supercharged, 501 CUI, Dyers 8-71! The effect from that engine is a 683HP and 723 lb-ft of torque! The transmission is custom made as well. It has a special built Torque A727 flite! The chassis is pretty original except for the suspension being modified. The exhaust system is a 3 inch Ferrita stainless that has a special made cut out! The brakes are 13 inch Wilwood disks with a 4 pistol caliper.

The paint on this 1968 Dodge Charger car is pretty unique as well! It is called Gun Smoke Hilaric and it`s painted by one vastly talented painter called Big Andre! Make sure to watch the video below and bask at its originality and monstrosity!

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