Watch The Creation Of The GENERAL LEE! Only Real Man Can Build A MUSCLE CAR Like This Famous 1969 Dodge Charger!

Everyone who has more concrete contact with a car than just sitting behind the wheel and driving it, has at least heard of the famous TV series THE DUKES OF HAZZARD. However, we believe that there is no person who dares to put himself/herself in the gearhead category who hasn`t seen these TV series!

It is simply mandatory! But if there are still people who haven`t seen this epic TV show, or at least want to remind themselves of the good old times, then we have the video you have been looking for! Namely, we are referring to the episode in which Bo and Luke Duke bring the 1969 Dodge Charger, later known as the GENERAL LEE, to life! Of course, they are not alone. In fact, they have their uncle Jesse and other friends to give them a hand!

It all begins when cousins Bo and Luke Duke stumble upon a damaged 1969 Dodge Charger in the moments when they need a car for racing. They decide to give this car a chance for a second life and take it to their garage where the amazing is about to happen! However, they have to work faster than usual because the competition they want to participate in takes place in just a few days! In addition, this short video includes one rather funny scene featuring a brief conversation between Luke and Bo Duke and uncle Jesse in which uncle Jesse asks Luke why is he welding the doors!

Luke answers that it is for safety`s sake and Bo says that the driver will get in through the window. Uncle Jesse taps his belly while saying that he won`t be able to fit in! Yeah, it made us laugh! Nevertheless, they manage to finish their task within the deadline and start the engine after the second attempt. This is how a real muscle car icon, the General Lee, has been created!

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