Paul Walker MOCKS Vin During Fast and Furious Movie Set!

No Fast & Furious fan can still deal with the fact that Paul Walker is no more among us. However, the actor who was loved by many has left remarkable moments behind him that will surely help us never forget him. If you watch any interview with the legendary franchise`s cast you will come up with a conclusion that Paul Walker was a guy with an amazing sense of humor and that he was the one who was cheering and laughing his colleagues on the set with interesting pranks. In addition, today we have a video that shows Paul Walker`s funniest moment on Fast and Furious movie set.

On the Fast and Furious movie set, Tyrese Gibson is looking for his colleague Vin Diesel, when he suddenly sees Paul Walker dressed up exactly like his muscular colleague. After revealing his “bald head” Paul successfully impersonates the macho character of Vin Diesel and starts even speaking like him, with that recognizable Vin Diesel whispering voice! You must not miss this spectacular and funny mocking of Paul! We are sure that after watching this Vin was the one who was laughing out the most. “Diesel Time!!! Watch Out! It`s Diesel Time!” -- and Paul Walker has definitely nailed it!

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