FURIOUS 7 CAST Talks About PAUL WALKER & The Last Sequel!

The Family is gathered on the table! Watch this amazing interview with the full Furious 7 cast of the last seventh sequel of our all-time favorite franchise Fast & Furious. Placed in the backyard of Dominic Toretto`s house, the cast talks about how everything started right from there – from that special location, that backyard and that table where they always come back.

However, they all agree that it will be a difficult time to be doing the press and the promotion of the film while dealing with the loss of their beloved colleague Paul Walker. The actor Dwayne Johnson say that there is no such pleasure than to talk about their late co-worker and star in every interview they have, because that way they feel his energy and motive to go to work every day and give the best of themselves for a remarkable success of the franchise. Later on, Jordana Brewster mentions the last scenes with the actor and how everything was so emotional and captivating for her heart.

Anyway, thanks to Paul, the Furious 7 cast is now pulled together more than ever. He will always be a part of them and that is why they are even more motivated to work on the franchise and its next sequels. Watch the full interview and don`t miss the announcements that they have said about the movie.

At last, if you want to see the sentimental tribute to Paul Walker made by his fans, follow this link.