Epic Porsche Lego Car! Porsche 911 GT3 RS Made Out Of Lego Found In Sweden! Check Out The Gallery Inside!

Porsche Lego Car 1
Many car manufacturers are known to make full sized version of their models out of Lego! Porsche doesn`t want to be left out so they made their own Porsche Lego car as well. They decided to make a full size replica out of Lego for their 911 GTR RS model! The full size Porsche 911 GTR RS is made with a very fine shade of orange.

Porsche Lego Car 3

The Porsche Lego car was displayed at a Scandinavian Mall in Stockholm, Sweden. Unfortunately not much information are known concerning this beautiful creation. However, it is known, that Porsche are in collaboration with Lego on a new GT3 RS Lego set. So this car on display may be in a tie with that.
Checkout the stunning gallery below!