2010 Dodge Challenger Custom Is The Star At 2013 SEMA Show! Must See This Beauty By Maxwell Auto Design!

Our friend Scottie has an eye for really good vehicles. He always knows what to pay attention to. This time he shows us a 2010 Dodge Challenger custom Street Machine that he spotted during SEMA 2013! Not an ordinary one, yet very good looking. This car is the one that will make you fall in love on first sight!

Everyone passing this amazing 2010 Dodge Challenger custom turned their necks towards this beast! It was the star at 2013 SEMA amongst all the custom made vehicles! The coolest thing here is that the vehicle was done by the owner himself. From top to bottom! So this is an embodiment of the owner which is very cool!

Let`s see some of the components this vehicle has, starting from the outside. The front wheels are 22 inch and the rear are 24 inch Vellano 3-piece forged wheels. There has been only two body modifications, the owner has changed the hood, which is now fiber glass and the spoiler. In addition, the carbon fiber sections are actually paint, done be the owner himself. The 2010 Dodge Challenger custom is lowered and that is obvious. However, it is not equally lowered everywhere as it has air suspension!

However, it`s the 5.7 HEMI engine that has a pro charger that should be the star here! Too bad the owner only put the pro charger few days ago, so he had no time to DYNO it!

The shop this guy owns is called Maxwell Auto Design or simply MAD! They are located in Huston, Texas, so if you need their services, feel free to google them, you will not regret it!

If you want to find out what`s under the hood, press play! I really like the┬ácolor wheels details and the line he built…nice post Scottie!

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