If you ever thought which muscle car would be the perfect choice for you if the doomsday arrives and you`ll have to wonder the new apocalyptic world that would not be a very pleasant place, think and look for it no more! Thanks to the US Air Force and the Southern California based company, Galpin Auto Sports, we got the perfect muscle car that is ready to go to the very pits of the hell itself, and bring you right back in one piece! The name is DODGE CHALLENGER VAPOR!

Actually, the product of this partnership brought us two, not one new muscle car. The first one is a stunning Ford Mustang, transformed into a pearlescent fighter jet that bares the codenamed “X-1”. And the second is a product made out of the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, and it is a stealth bomber with a radar absorbing stealth-black paint.

This new Challenger Hellcat is modeled after the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles which the US Air Force is using, so it can be also be commanded from a remote control system (also, from the internet)! But when it comes to its really interesting specs, about what is under the hood, along with the other military features, they are classified information that is not meant for the wider audience.

But you can still check out the video and see how this ultimate Dodge Challenger aka Dodge Challenger Vapor looks like in the following video, and later on if you feel like it, share your thoughts about it in the comment section below! And if you want to see both of the Galpin Auto Sports and the U.S. Air Force products and learn a few more things about them, click here.