Here we go with another video clip from one of our favorite YouTubers, the ScottieDTV, to whom we have to thank for giving us the pleasure of watching and getting to know for the very first time, some of the most iconic and jaw-dropping muscle specimens, from all over the country. Scottie is definitely a guy who knows how to push our buttons, and he is always at the right place, and at the right time, to film something really cool and highly appealing. And today`s video is no different when it comes to being cool and interesting. Only, instead of the usual muscle monsters that we get to see from Scottie, this clip features one insanely cool 1995 Yamaha Wolverine ATV, which has been used for towing just about anything, especially because they have a special set up for different pulling contests.

The examples that you are going to see in this video, with the above mentioned 1995 Yamaha Wolverine ATV that`s leading the pack, are custom rigs, which are blasting with so much torque power, it appears like there is nothing that can stop them!

But you better take a look at the video below, and find out more details about these awesome and very powerful rigs yourself. And if you want to see other interesting and powerful custom rig, go to this link.