This Time Capsule! BRAND NEW YAMAHA 1985 YPVS Motorcycle!

Here is something that we definitely do not have a chance to see often. Actually, when I come to think about it, not at all. Just as you have read in the title, it is a completely brand new Yamaha 1985 YPVS motorcycle that has never been used, but kept in the very same condition as in the moments when it was bought. A real time capsule!

Unfortunately, we do not have the information about the story behind this great classic motorcycle, but anyway, we thought that we should not miss it, because back in the days, these bikes used to be very popular and in high demand.

I know that compared with the temporary two-wheeled beasts, it is not even as nearly fast and powerful as some of the latest Yamaha bikes, or perhaps some example from its big rivals, like the Kawasaki, or Honda, or Ducati. But nevertheless, taking into an account that it has never been driven before, this babe sounds absolutely awesome, and I`m sure that for many motorcycle connoisseurs, something like this is a real jackpot!

Yamaha YPVS bikes are coming with a few engine options, starting from the 125cc, 250cc, 350cc, and the most powerful 499cc engine, and the horsepower is ranging from 20 HP to about 90 HP. And from what we can see in the video, this example is Yamaha 1985 YPVS V4, which should be the most powerful variant. But do not hold us on that, because the quality of the video is not so great, and we cannot be a hundred percent sure.

So just check out the video and hear that `time capsule` sound. And if you want to read the specs about the basic version of Yamaha YPVS, go to this link.