Eric Kerwin NISSAN GTR Blasting with Hose & Torque Power!

Titan Motorsports`s Dyno Action! Eric Kerwin`s GTR Blasting with Hose and Torque Power!

Watching a great sports car being tuned and tested on the dynamometer is always a thrilling moment, fulfilled with suspense and anticipation. Of course, there is nothing like watching the top of the line vehicles blasting their astonishing motor power on the track or the strip, but we must not forget that every highly modified ride starts with the show in the garage, on the dyno.

That is why today we have decided to show you an interesting video clip with Eric Kerwin`s (Titan Motorsports Sales Manager) Nissan GTR R35, getting tuned and inspected on the 424 LC2 Dyno. Some of the Titan Motorsports`s guys, the technicians who are working on this great GTR R35 like Ryan, Adil, Matt, than the fabricator, Mike, and the `laptop magician` John “Jestr”, decided to place some bats, who will predict the right numbers that will appear on the monitor as a final result, when everything is done.

I think that you can sense that this is one pretty interesting and entertaining video, so check it out and see the whole thing – the great Nissan GTR`s dyno performance and the outcome of the betting game. I think that you will enjoy it, and if you want to get more info about Titan Motorsports, click here.