Nissan GTR 2000 HP By English Racing Will BLOW YOUR MIND!

I think that everyone who loves fast and powerful cars will agree with me that drag racing is a fine art, and in that case, the tuning process is the tool that is absolutely necessary to express yourself in the best possible way, with no limits and boundaries, and to the maximum of your abilities. Today we have prepared one adrenaline rush video, in which you will meet with one fast, 7 second Nissan GTR 2000 hp, with an monster engine under the hood, thanks to the Extreme Turbo Systems. And as you are probably aware without me having to tell you, that beast is a product of the great work of the English Racing team.

And when it comes to building, developing and tuning some of the best drag cars in the world that are achieving many of those out of this world results on the strip, the English Racing team is at the very top on that list. These guys really know how to take care of their customers and their great rides.

So go ahead, check out the video of this fast as hell Nissan GTR`s performance by at the dyno and enjoy it. It would be worthy of your time, believe me.